Advantages Of Smart Speaker, Google Home-Based Personal Assistant

Google officially unveils the Google Home. The device is a clever speaker based personal assistant to be Your friends at home. These speakers can respond all that you ask him and answer it with accurate and precise. Google Home had the form of a regular wireless speaker with height 143 mm and diameter 96 mm. At the top of the surface, have capacitive touch panels are available so that you can adjust the volume, use the pause feature for music that is being played, and so on.

To support the performance of the different themes, Google Home armed by architecture processor ARM. Google also pin processor and a WiFi module which is the same as the second generation Chromecast. Not only that, Google Home already complemented by dual microphone and mute button that can turn on and turn off the microphone.

In the meantime the software, Google Home provided by Chromecast operating system. System Software an operating system developed by the operating system Android and Chrome OS. This smart speaker brings a lot of advanced features in it like installing an alarm, check the calendar, inform the traffic, and much more.

1. Can find a lost cell phone

Google Home can tersinkronasi with the Google account you use on the phone. When you search for a direct telephone, confusion just ask these speakers. E.g. with said: "Hi, Google. Please find my phone. " In the not so long ago, the phone will ring with a taut if there were still in the House.

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2. Google voice properly recognize Home

One of the advantages of Google's Assistant that fills the Home compared to the others is its ability to recognize sounds. The machine will automatically detect the sound of an existing user in the vicinity. If you ask me: "Hi, Google. Who am I? " These speakers will answer you with accurate name.

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3. Play games with users

You feel tired and lazy do anything at home? Why don't you just play the game with the Home. You can ask this smart speaker to catapult the trivia questions. You can answer it correctly or if the wrong can ask for an explanation.

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4. Play music from favorite artists

You wanted to know something but lazy to search and read it? Google Home can mencarikannya and read what is on the web. For example, find out about global warming. A Google search will give you the best Home and then recite it clearly.

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Lack of Google Home, still need cable to deliver power on bass and tools supported by Google smarthome Home is still very limited. That's the advantage you need to google home know, if you are interested can google store purchased directly.

Google Presents the Duo, Application Calls Videos Powerfull

Try video calling application the latest call from Google called Duo. After launching the application messaging Messenger Hangout and Allo, Google apparently has not been satisfied. Google released the party and distribute application video call application store Duo to Play Store and App Store. And then as to whether the Duo video call applications previously introduced at Google Conference.

Presents Video Call that lightweight and Stable

The first solution presented by the application of the Duo is certainly a video call communications dish is light and stable. Why is this so? Because the application has a Duo fast and practical connection even though the runs on a slow network connection.

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According to Google's own Indonesia party when the network is slow then the application the Duo will be able to run automatically to reduce the image resolution so as not to interfere with the call. In addition, the application calls disconnected without the Duo can also work with automatic switching from Wi-Fi to mobile network (and vice versa) when one of them dropped their connection.

It can run on Cross-Platform

In addition to light and stable to run a video call, video call applications 1-to-1 can also operate or run on cross-platform. When the application is the Duo can work on cross-platform then the user will be able to do video calls on two different types of smartphone i.e. Android to iPhone or Android to the iPhone instead. Of course this is very interesting because there has been no video call applications that can do this.

Application On Technology Of Duo

Why application Duo could work with a light and stable and cross platform. The answer is in the technology presented by the technology of the real-time web communication (WebRTC) and it worked using the mobile network. Own WebRTC technology is indeed created in order to simplify the video phone calls. From here then the video call we do will feel lighter.

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Justin Uberti as Principal Software Engineer Google's own stated that compared to other applications, the Duo will make percentage calls fail (dropped calls). Not only that, the application of the Duo can also handle calls via a mobile connection or from and to the free Wi-Fi. For the identification process itself, obtained information that the application requires only Duo mobile numbers. So You are going to use these applications are not required to have a Google account or a separate account of the other.

Knock Knock Feature

One more thing that distinguishes the application of the Duo with other applications is the existence of a Knock Knock feature. The existence of this feature prior to the communication process is done, the user will be able to see video or image of the caller. Knock Knock feature itself will ultimately serve as a marker or the anticipation if the recipient phone is reluctant and unwilling to accept a video call from the caller.

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Of course for those of you who don't like with calls from people who are not clear then features Knock-Knock that one way direction this will could be the solution. But you need to know this Knock Knock feature works only bring up those people who are on the list of phones on your smartphone anytime.

So to make sure this Knock Knock feature You need to make sure the phone list of friends and relatives you've written a complete phone list. This is done so that you can anticipate an unknown outsider. To process works, Knock Knock, this feature will appear in the screen Lock Screen for the Android platform and work are apps for iOS platforms.

10 elements in the application interface design

Application elements such as customer relations people in your company. They speak the language of your application in a simple way. They serve as guides to the different application windows, and propose action items and give users in the company, while some items are downloaded. Hard they take input from customers aka app users. The following top 10 application UI elements selected by us:

1. Icons 

your application code is in your application (and works as a brand logo if your application becomes creator!). Should be simple, and noticeable, clearly represents your application. The same goes for the rest of your app icons. It's very useful if designed creatively after intuitively to represent different functions in your application.

2. Buttons 

A button usually show the effects of background and may be text or symbols. Buttons of different types of simple button, dropdown button, toggle button, check boxes, buttons and the like. All of these, especially the buttons call to action, you need to design and develop the attention.

3. Search Fields

search fields are usually at the top of the screen, and play a vital role in the user navigation. They need to be visible, it is advisable to place the issue attractive default encourage the user to take action. A good example is the destination search box/input in Ober, who has a hypothetical question. It assumes the application as friend and interactive while making clear that his face needs to be entered in the field or search box.

4. Breadcrumbs 

like the name suggests, resembles bread crumbs so you have strayed far from home. Current state and location of all preceding pages opened by the user. This is visible as a series of page titles encountered arrows describing user flow.

5. Notifications 

there are two notifications notifications in app push notifications. While the former increased usability to help the user to better take advantage of the functionality of the application, the latter makes the user coming back for more. Examples of notifications in the application is an introduction to using the app, and new jobs. Push notifications similar to the notifications in the application except for the mobile user, even if the application is opened.

6. Tips tool 

tips Tool A incredibly useful component. Appears when the user scrolls through the element, giving other tips description or use quickly. It shows the attention to the needs of the user and adds to the experience of the application.

7. Windows Pop up 

you may not like them but if used sparingly, with the target for the benefit of the user, it can be a real plus. Grab the full attention of the user to focus on a task or display a message. Don't close the popup window until some action taken.

8. Loading items and these place holders

along with other elements such as symbols, forming part of the exact interactions-a simple and visible to the user and complete the process. The idea is to give feedback in real time to the user regarding the bye function is application performance. Download element example is typical of service points to Flash one after the other, and often found when a YouTube video is cached. A placeholder is running empty space or screen while loading the full content. Presents are usually indistinct outlines of the content about to load or partial content.

9. Tags 

tags are linked to some of the elements that make them easy to find. This element should especially if your application manages a large database.

10. Image Carousel

does not have those images with one line description dazzling slips away to reveal another before getting enough Sun? This is exactly what is circular image. It must surely for e-commerce applications. What do you think about the list above? Let us know if you want to add or replace the above elements with something else.

6 ways to increase your mobile application security

A constant growth in the mobile application development platforms has helped in the simplification of the entire process of application creation. With advanced methods, simpler plugins and intuitive platforms, almost anyone can now create his/her own mobile application. However, developing a truly useful and likable application is an entirely different ball game.
One of the most important factors in play for the application development process is the integration of safety into the interface. You want to make sure that your application is safe for the users especially when it asks them for sensitive/personal details such as account password and username.

1. Use Encryption

The use of encryption for device safety is the best way to secure your mobile application. The use of good encryption like that of 256-bit AES encryption allows you to encrypt the data transmitted from the user's device. This encryption will make it difficult for a hacker to steal and make sense of any data.

2. Rigorous Testing

It is crucial that you follow multiple methods of software testing to make sure that you cover all the important bases. Some of the important testing methods include regression testing, exploratory testing as well as automated testing. You need to dedicate a considerable amount of your time for testing while preparing a timeline for the application development. Evidently, it is better to test on the go than dedicate a time towards the end since it helps in solving the issues faster.

3. Prototyping

Prototyping is a fantastic way to keep track of your progress. By making prototype application as you go about developing the application, you are creating restore points for the application. In case addition of a particular function or a feature fails, you can pick up the application development process from the last successful prototype.

4. Use Reliable Certificates from the Device

Make sure you develop your application for a variety of mobile devices. You must mention the name of the devices in the application description in case your application does not support a particular range of devices. The use of certificates from the device will help your application integrate its source code with the hardware architecture a little better.

5. Roll-out Updates Regularly

Minor modifications to the source code of the application on a regular basis will help you keep the chances of penetration to a minimum. You must not bug the users with constant updates, rather roll out a monthly update for the addition of functionality or removal of bugs.

6. Remote Data Wipe Feature

By enabling a remote data wipe feature on the device, you can easily allow the user to erase his/her personal data from the application in case he/she loses the device. These 6 simple steps will help you increase your application's safety standards by several folds.

Chat applications and how you can help young people

Technology is often accused of failing to learn, especially with many young people participate in chat and Messenger apps that are available today. However, it is not necessary that the technology hurdle. It can actually be very amazing tool that can help students to improve communications.

Chat applications as a tool for collaboration and learning

If you pay attention and you'll notice something interesting and that is the fact that most of their time is spent it text and using a number of free applications that can be easily downloaded. This technology can be used to aid in learning. There are apps that can actually help anyone with this issue with pronunciation. These applications can be downloaded to a single phone or computer can communicate using voice messages or even texts.
Voice messages are still rather new but really helps a lot, especially students with pronunciation and speaking skills when they wanted to record the answers within the chat. As an educator, you may choose to speak to students via this method. You can do this individually, or you can also create some conversations group where students can freely listen to each other and also give some feedback when they were given assignments.

Most applications you will find it easy to use and high registration referrals can be easy and very effective. These are the applications that can be used when classes are over. Have extra practice within the online platform as students are given the opportunity for autonomous learners, and they can learn and correct errors themselves. Students are encouraged to improve the reading as they take the time to read aloud before they register and apply. They also get a chance to listen to the feedback you give others and completing other assignments that may be given.

Improve writing

There are the vet other messaging applications can be used on mobile phones and desktop computers which can be very important in writing. This especially when he got a student set based on type or project. There are many possibilities here, though.

Allows most chat sites with public or private conversations. This makes an amazing feature for students in a group or anyone else to ways you can use the tool for education. When there is a need to contact students privately, provide chat applications always. You can choose the contact in a group but if there is a need to clarify, after private conversation becomes the perfect thing.
There are different projects require students to work together. When this is the case, be able to communicate and collaborate very well. Private channels can be applied when you need to discuss some details related to the project. You can also share pictures, links, and so on, and it makes it very convenient.

Android app developers should take note of Fuchsia Google?

At present, dominated by Android mobile operating system market worldwide. Most developers build mobile applications for the Android platform reach more users, and generate more revenue. But Google is said to develop a real time operating system called Fuchsia. Google said reddish. Search engine giant doesn't even no information about Fuchsia. I was keep new operating system as a pile of code on Github and its code repository.
Google executives described reddish as one of the pilot projects at an early stage. But many analysts believe that market bloggers and Google are planning to replace the robot with Fuchsia. Recently, Google has fed speculation adds user interface (UI) for the new operating system. And then, you can now access the reddish as a graphical user interface (GUI). Android app developers must know about reddish to maintain mobile applications relevant and profitable in the long term. Also, they can start developing apps for Fuchsia early to beat the completion.

Why you should keep Android app developers monitor Fuchsia?

Special Google kernel

Unlike Android, Fuchsia didn't evolve based on the Linux operating system. Google has developed a new operating system using its own kernel called purple. Code published in different repositories imagine that Fuchsia is set as smatrvonis and operating system disks. It runs apps from the card-based system. This is why; many analysts and bloggers speculate that Google is developing a Fuchsia as a replacement for Android.


Fuchsia was developed initially as a command line interface. Google recently updated Fuchsia adds user interface (UI) called Armadillo. According to the information and videos published on different sites, Armadillo is crafted based on Google flutter SDK. It enables programmers to write cross-platform code running from multiple mobile platforms including Android, IOS and Fuchsia. Translated version of Armadillo reveals a card-based system management applications. The interface allows developers to pull cards across screens, and apply new styles of Google.

A mixture of chromios and Android

Reddish comes with features provided by both Android wechromios. Many analysts believe that Google is planning to launch a Fuchsia as a replacement for Android wechromios. However, the source code of Fuchsia source code for Google platforms because kernel purple. You may use Google Fuchsias as an operating system for smartphones and tablets and computers, and embedded devices and digital systems. And then, you can run Fuchsia devices with Android, wetshromios.

Flutter SDK

As mentioned earlier, began as a universal operating system Fuchsia and energy a variety of devices. Android app developers can write apps for Thumper platform utilizing flap Software Development Kit (SDK). Flutter SDK is used by all of the UI Thumper and apps. Flutter SDK makes Dart based application programming language. DART enhances application performance dramatically by making a run at a rate of 120 frames per second. However, the SDK generates cross-platform code flutter and fully compatible with Android. Enable compatibility many developers to install certain components of Fuchsia on Android devices.

Android Places

At present, the robot has a share in the worldwide market is much bigger than other mobile platforms. But unlike market share of individual versions of Android. Having the latest version of Android penetration rate less than the older versions. Similarly, the power in every version of the robot a variety of devices manufactured by different companies. Hashing device and operating system makes it difficult for developers to create powerful Android app. Many bloggers speculate that Google has replaced the robot Fuchsia overcome the fragmentation device and operating system.
Despite the development of a new operating system, Google after you confirm any information on Fuchsia. Many bloggers speculate that Google might launch a new operating system by the year 2018. But Google didn't reveal its plan to launch the Fuchsia. The company describes reddish as a pilot project at an early stage. Therefore, you must use the Android app developers Fuchsia only after commercial release. But they monitor Fuchsia always dealing with disruptive technology efficiently.